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New collaboration between PLOS and Open Neuroscience

We are happy to announce that a new Open Source toolkit channel went live today at https://channels.plos.org/open-source-toolkit.
This channel is a joint collaboration from Open Neuroscience, Trend in Africa and PLOS. There you will find several open source projects related to science. They range all disciplines and comprehend both software and hardware. It is open for suggestions and interaction from the community!

Channel’s front page

Flypi -100$ microscope/behavioural setup!

We’ve been working in collaboration with the folks of TrendinAfrica (trendinafrica.org) to develop a cheap, yet reliable, open source microscopy system to be used by scientists and DIY biologists. It is called Flypi, since its original focus were experiments with Drosophila and it uses the Raspberry pi computer as its “brains”.
The project has been going quite well and we feel it is mature enough to gain some public attention (and hopefully adoption!) and also to enter the hackaday.io competition, which would help us further develop it! So please, visit the project page, share it with your networks and show us some love by giving us “skulls” @ https://hackaday.io/project/5059-flypi-100-microscopeexperimental-setup. Also check out the paper we are writing about it: https://open-labware.net/projects/flypi/

Christmas post with 5 projects to keep you busy!


As we are all preparing for the end of another year, openeuroscience goes full gas on the search for open source neuroscience related projects!

Here is what is new on the website:

DIY tDCS machine.

Near-infrared spectroscopy

Open computer vision library

BeagleBone computer cluster

EEG MEG toolbox – Fieldtrip

New open wetware section

A new section has been added to the website! In the wetware section you’ll find two projects. One of them a company selling molecular biology tools and reagents following the open source philosophy, and the other a wiki page making an effort to share information, know-how and to provide a place where people can share and organize their data/lab annotations.

Open centrifuges, a hack everyday and optogenetics wiki!

Some more interesting projects are collated here! This time an open centrifuge project where all materials cost ~200 dollars, an optogenetics wiki page for information and know-how exchange and last but not least, the hack-a-day project, where excelent projects are shared. Although not always related to science, they are a great source for ideas and information (I found the OpenFuge project via their page).