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December updates

Some new projects ranging from molecular biology to distributed computation

IPipete: if you are tired of pipetting samples in the wrong wells and can’t afford a pipetting computer, this project is for you!

NiBabel: an universal reader for fMRI data formats

Open syringe pump1 and open syringe pump2: need to have precise infusion rates? these projects will help.

Boinc: volunteer computing platform, where one can harness the idle time of computer for number crushing

Programable water bath and tutorials for electronics

Tired of changing bottles from one water bath to another? Check out this programmable water bath created by Luis Zaman.

Want a place to learn electronics, microncontrollers and FPGA, check the PyroEdu guys on our Learning sources page.

Last but not least, check out the skinner box using raspberry pi and python connected to the internet, created by Katherine Scott

January brings novelty!


Some updates for the already existing pages of the website:

Faculty of a 1000, thickens the list of open access journals. One of the strong points is that they change the way peer reviewed is done. Here, the review process is a non-anonymous way and post publication! All changes made to the paper are tracked, so one can check the paper’s evolution. Also it is mandatory that the data used in the paper is made publicly available (also on the journal website).

Figshare and dryad are two data repositories that give your data digital object identifiers, making them traceable and citable.

Open lab notebook section: There are still very few examples, so suggestions are welcome!

Also, Openeuroscience is now on Twitter! so if you want to follow our updates and get quick messages on cool stuff we find here and there follow us!

Credit where is due: Some of this new information came from J. Christopher Bare excellent post “Guide to open science”.